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THE OTHER WOMAN is a revenge story set against the dreamy and timeless backdrop of Old Hollywood.

VERA VAGUE, our unsung anti-hero, enacts an elaborate and vengeful plan to murder the man who broke her heart - JEDD STANTON, an old-Hollywood type cowboy turned movie executive who did VERA very, very wrong.

After she’s found wearing JEDD’s blood-drenched cowboy hat moments after his death, and the murder weapon found in her purse, VERA is brought in for questioning by the hard-hitting INSPECTOR ROLF, a boisterous pretty boy. Much to his surprise, VERA confesses to the crime and takes him through her vengeful killing spree of hollywood’s most powerful - crossing each man off one by one from a kill list written in red lipstick… of course.

Directed by emily elizabeth thomas
written by emily elizabeth thomas & megan penn
director of photography bianca butti
produced by anthony pedone & emily elizabeth thomas
starring megan penn, with bojesse christopher & craig stark
with music by jordan reynolds & graham tavel
assistant director cameron holly dexter
production design by laura gordon
wardrobe styling by mary gigler
gaffer carlos benavides
1st ac jake bayless
2nd ac roger tam

edited by stephania dulowski / exile edit
color by kath raisch / company 3
sound design by pete crimi / sound lounge
graphics by lunch studios